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Shareholder Engagement, the Board and IR: Why IR is on the Board Agenda

Fidelio is a Board Development and Executive Search consultancy with a specialist focus on senior roles that are critical for shareholders and stakeholders. These roles include Independent Non-Executive Directors, senior Finance professionals and, of course, Investor Relations (IR) Directors. Traditionally, IR has been regarded as an executive function, and while we absolutely recognise the importance of the IR Director and the IR team within a quoted company, Fidelio has also long argued that IR is also the responsibility of the Executive leadership and indeed the Board. For a number of reasons, Shareholder Engagement now features prominently on the Board Agenda. This White Paper explains why and looks ahead.

Drawing on the substantial market expertise of Gillian Karran-Cumberlege, Head of Fidelio’s Board Practice, former Global Head of IR, Volkswagen AG & UBS AG; Danielle Neben, former Board Member, Landsbankinn and former IRO, HSBC; as well as the Fidelio Research team, in this White Paper we argue:

  • The IR executive function has come of age. It is now highly experienced but Fidelio is concerned that IR is not proactively gaining further influence
  • Shareholder engagement is increasingly part of the Board skill matrix, due to governance and activism
  • IR has an opportunity to contribute to the heated debate about corporate culture and the licence to operate, particularly as populist anti-business sentiment is on the rise
  • And finally, Diversity is as important to IR as to other key leadership roles


For a full version of Fidelio’s White Paper on ‘Shareholder Engagement, the Board and IR’, please contact Luke Main.

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